2018/19 – Into Orbit

This year, the BotBuilders remain the same as last year with the return of a member from 2016; Katelyn.

The team and coaches:

Regional Competition, Saturday 3rd November 2018

Robot Game Schedule:
Regionals – Robot Game Schedule

All Day Schedule:
All Teams Schedule

Robot Performance:

Strategy and Innovation:

Judging Rubrics for Regional’s at QASMT:
Team 1 BotBuilders – Regional Rubrics

We were very excited to be invited to the State Championship. So, we spent the next couple of weeks adding a few more missions and getting better consistency when the robot is performing the tasks.

This is a video of our updated planned missions for FLL State comp on Saturday 24th November:

Total points: 213

We also spent a lot of time at training and at home improving our research project as it wasn’t judged very strongly at regionals. This time was definitely worth it.

State Competition Day:

The Schedule:
All Teams Schedule
Project Presentation:

Core Values:

Robot Design Judging:

Robot Game 1:

151 points

Robot Game 2:

182 points

Robot Game 3:

175 points

Robot Performance and Inspiration Award trophy winners:

Judging Rubrics for State Championship:
Team_14 – Rubrics

Now on to the National Championship, in Sydney on 8th and 9th of December.

Going to Nationals, we decided to add a few more things:

1) To improve how we share our research project.
We did this by making a flyer that includes a condensed version of our research that we can hand out to other teams at the event AND by making a large three-fold poster and placing our research and the feedback we have received from our professionals on to it. We were all involved in this process in one way or another. We think it looks incredible!

2) We wanted to show how our proposed solution would worked.
For this, we purchased a costume and added fairy lights to ‘roughly’ simulate where the air pockets for hug simulation would go. Then, we each recorded ourselves saying special messages which were used when we programmed an EV3 brick and a light sensor to detect when the fairy lights were on. This would indicate a ‘hug’ taking place so that the message would play at the same time. It is extremely effective.

Even though this works, we plan on investigating how we can implement ACTUAL air pockets in the spacesuit. We feel this will be a much better way of showing our proposed solution in action.

Our Setup will look something like this:

3) Adding missions to increase potential points on the robot table.
We plan on doing this by adding missions to where the robot is already in a certain place on the robot table. We plan on adding aerobic exercise, both meteors and escape velocity. We were already starting to think of these prior to the State comp.

With a lot of practice, these are now the missions we plan on doing at the National Championship:

We have also been continually updating our team journal to record all of our changes and additions.

At Nationals

This is a list of all the teams attending the National Championships

This is our individualised schedule for the weekend. We are team 21:

Our Research Project Presentation: Depression

Our Core Values Judging session:
Choose 1 thing (out of 6 possibilities) you would take into space

Our Robot Design Judging:

Robot Game 1:

Robot Game 2:

Robot Game 3:

3rd Place Champions Award Winners!!

We have now been invited to represent Australia at the Asia Pacific Invitational Tournament in Sydney, 4-7th July 2019. We are extremely excited.

We will however be taking a small break from FLL for the next few months to recharge our batteries. Training will start again in May 2019 so that we can improve our code, add a couple more missions (perhaps rescuing Gerhard and catching the Cone Module), and slightly condensing our research project speech. And of course, we will practice, practice, practice!

Judging Rubrics
Team 21

At API / APOC Internationals

We were excited to attend the Asia Pacific Invitational FLL international competition, hosted at Macquarie University. More than 40 teams from 21 countries participated including 5 Australian teams: The Gong Invaders, Team Apollo, The Krakens, Sussex Smashers, and BotBuilders. Only four of our team could make it to APOC because sadly Joe and Ayzlin couldn’t attend.

After we registered our arrival on Friday, we were able to set up our Pit Area before attending the Opening Ceremony. It was really amazing to watch all the teams perform on stage.

We did all of our judging on Saturday. Our robot design judging went first, followed by our innovation project then core values. We feel we did pretty good, but maybe not as good as Nationals.

Robot Design Judging:

Research Project Presentation:

Core Values Judging:

We also had some fun throughout the day:

Robot Game 1: 125 points

Robot Game 2: 195 points

Robot Game 3: 219 points

Judging Rubrics
Team 5

Our completed team journal
This is our completed team journal for the entire season. We have documented as much as possible so that we can share our experiences with others.
BotBuilders Team Journal

We had a great season with a lot of fun along the way. We are now looking forward to our next journey: City Shaper and Skystone.