2019/20 – Skystone

5 members from last season’s FLL team moved up to FTC; Skystone. With it being Luqmaan`s first year of robotics and we are thrilled to have Luke join us as well.

For the state competition we built a robot with a H-drive and a linear slide arm. Out of 30 teams we placed 15th, fortunately we received the “Think Award” which enabled us to get an invite to the National competition Macquarie University in Sydney.

State Competition Day:

Saturday 2nd November, 2019 at GLC

Team Schedule

We were awarded the ‘Think” Award and advanced to the Australian Nationals.
the robot we took to Australian Nationals
the robot without the sides on
We came 4th overall !!!
Unfortunately, as 4th Alliance Captain, we didn’t reach the grand final, however we were award the “Design Award”
A video collection of our first 4 games