The BotBuilders are extremely grateful for all of our wonderful sponsors! Their support has enabled us to have additional resources, tools, supplies and professional services throughout the FTC season which has certainly made a HUGE difference!

We are thrilled to have our sponsors being part of our journey of learning and discovery and are proud to display their logos on all of our marketing material.

Building Block Studio is a small family run business located in Northgate, Queensland. Closely related to BBR, Building Block Studio facilitates many in school incursions, such as coding, stop motion animation, and robotics.

Building Block Studio is a small family run business located in Northgate, Queensland. Closely related to BBR, Building Block Studio facilitates many in school incursions, such as coding, stop motion animation, and robotics.

Website: https://buildingblockrobotics.com/

Johnco are an Australian wholesale distributor of high-quality toy brands that get students into STEM. They have sold toys that combines STEM with arts and craft to enhance kids’ imagination since being founded in 1981.

Website: https://www.johncoproductions.com/

Family Inclusive has a goal to provide access to inclusive, self-driven support to their clients while meeting their emotional, spiritual and care needs. They strive to make a difference in the lives of every person they meet, to ensure they feel in control of their own lives.

Website: https://family-inclusive.com.au/

Jory’s Plastics Moulding is a family-owned business based in Geebung, Queensland. They specialise in custom injection moulding and provide project management services from product design, tooling through to mass-production to small, medium, and large businesses.

Awesome.Tech is a business located on the Gold Coast that produces cost effective and innovative tech products that are user friendly and accessible for customers. They have successfully launched 3 kick-starters and are sharing their passion for technology around the world. They are the creators of specialised equipment for the K40-Laser.

Website: https://awesome.tech/

Thinking cap Studios is a digital design and development business located in Brisbane that specialises in e-commerce, educational and mobile solutions that is in Brisbane. Their award-winning process allows them to focus on combining user experience and leading-edge technology with traditional design practise and common sense.

Website: https://www.thinkingcapstudios.com/

7 Tiles is a business that develops and hones the skills of observation, speed, focus, strategy building and teamwork. 7 Tiles works with organisations to knock down the static tiles of thinking around a problem or opportunity and creatively build it back up together. They work with customers to produce quality information technology solutions for their business.

Website: https://www.7tilescompany.com/

Woolich Racing is based in Nundah, north Brisbane. They develop and release a wide range of products and software for tuning motorcycles at an affordable price. Their products are suitable for everyone from the road rider through to the professional tuning shop and race team.

Website: https://www.woolichracing.com.au/default.aspx

Abode Electric, they are Brisbane located electricians who pride themselves on being competent, clean, and friendly all while making the finished product to the highest standard. Their services include domestic, property maintenance, commercial electrical needs.

Website: https://www.abodeelectric.com.au/

Learoyd Mini Diggers is a family run company that was founded in 2015 that excavates holes using mini diggers for different clients around Brisbane.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/learoydminidiggers

Sandgate Bottles and Cans Exchange is a company that recycles aluminium cans, plastic bottles, and glass bottles. They pay the customer 10 cents per recycled item to encourage better recycling. They also partner with a variety of schools and businesses to recycle more cans and bottles.

Website: https://www.sandgatebcex.com.au/

Cornerstone home loans was established in 2012 and steps each customer through the steps of the home loan process. Their main goal is to have unwavering commitment to their customer support as “a happy customer is often a repeat customer”

Website: http://cornerstonehomeloans.com.au/

Heidelberg Engineering was founded in 1990 and has collaborated with scientists, clinicians, and industry to develop products that deliver clinically relevant benefits. Their portfolio combines core technologies, confocal microscopy, scanning lasers and optics for improved patient optical care.

New Forge is a 3D printing company that helps Australian businesses to quickly afford parts and prototypes with sturdy, lightweight, and intricate designs. They provide guidance and input that is invaluable when you unbox and use the final print.

Kelly’s Freshly squeezed oranges is a very small business located in the Brisbane area that sell their produce in local markets.