2020/21 – RePLAY

This is the BotBuilders 5th season of First Lego League. We have 4 members in our team this year, Tom, Justine, Jeremy, and William. We were all part of BotBuilders last year.

This years challenge for First Lego League is called ‘RePlay’ and it’s all about getting people more physically active.

Throughout the season, we researched and explored ways to encourage people to be more physically active. Inspired by technology like augmented reality in games like Pokemon Go, or virtual simulators, we wanted to add a special bit of technology to sporting equipment that would give beginners a fun bit of extra skill while learning how to play a sport, such as hockey or tennis. We called it ‘Assistive Technology’. We loved the idea so much that our prototypes even had moving parts operated by string.

At the beginning of the season we carefully planned the features of our robot.

We had a lot of fun building and coding our robot during the season.

Our finished robot. Box shaped with exposed gears to move top, and side mechanisms.

Here we are watching robot games from other teams. And, we also waited here for the closing ceremony

The closing ceremony. After all of the dancing we were all pretty tired at this point. There were many good teams at the event so we were thrilled to receive the Innovation Project Award. Unfortunately, due to covid-19, only one team was invited to compete at the next stage of the competition. We are happy for the team that went through and wish them the best of luck at the Northern Nationals tournament.