2019/20 – City Shaper

Another season of FLL. This years theme is City Shaper and the BotBuilders are back!

Two members from last season’s FLL team have now moved up to FTC; Skystone. Most of our team has remained the same however we are thrilled to have three new teammates. Tom and Justine are brand new to FLL and we are looking forward to mentoring them this year while Jeremy has joined us from a different team.

Our robot
We have built two identical robots again this year so that our team can code two different missions simultaneously. This helps us make the most of our time at training.

Our Innovation Project
This year, teams need to identify a problem with a public building or public space in their local community. We have chosen a public space at Shorncliffe. We have identified many problems with the ramp directly in front of St. Patricks College. We conducted daily observations of the ramp for a period of 7 days, we have researched many websites and we have studied the Australian Standard 1428.1. We have discovered that:

– the ramp is too steep
– there should not be any stairs at the bottom
– there should be landings of 1200mm every 9mtrs
– the handrails are not correct and should be on both sides
– plus other problems!
The main concern is safety and extremely limited accessibility for people with mobility restrictions. The team built a large diorama to help illustrate our solution and then we shared it with the general public at Shorncliffe as well as the local councillor of Deagon Ward; Jared Cassidy.


Regional Competition Day:

Saturday 26th October, 2019 at QASMT

Team Schedule

Robot Design Judging

Core Values Judging

Robot Game 1: 325 points

Robot Game 2: 295 points

Robot Game 3: 225 points

Judging Rubrics
Team 1

We were so excited to receive the Robot Performance Award and the Champions award at our regional tournament. We have also been invited to attend the Nationals North tournament which is in 4 weeks time.
After our regional competition at QASMT we shared our diorama of our innovation project with MP Stirling Hinchliffe; the local member for Sandgate. From here we modified our solution to include aspects of Stirling’s feedback as well as idea’s we have recently thought of as a team.

Since our project is all about improving accessibility at the ramp, we have also shared our innovation project with the accessibility professionals at Think Mobility. We are very grateful to Lisa and her team for giving up their time for us.

We have modified our robot missions and have practiced a lot so that we can get quicker at the robot table. We have managed to get a maximum of 500 points for the Northern Nationals tournament. Hopefully this will all work on the big day! Here is a video of all our missions.